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PSP Memory Card 16 GB: Perfect For Gamers

PSP Memory Card 16 GB: Perfect For Gamers

Psp Memory Card: SanDIsk 16GBThe latest gadgets on the market are enhanced by memory cards and memory sticks, giving users the option to save their games and other media on their devices. For a gamer, it is necessary to have enough space for all his games and files on his portable gaming console. A psp memory card 16 GB, for instance, is needed to make sure that your gaming experience will be perfect. Nowadays, there are tons of games that can be played on the psp, so the need for more memory is increasing. Manufacturers are releasing different types of psp memory cards to meet this need.

What to look for when getting a PSP memory card

Though there are lots of memory cards available out there, it is really important to get the best. You might be thinking: How can I find the best when they all have the same purpose? Well, in finding the best memory card, you have to get the one that is dependable, durable, and can function well. It is not necessary to get something expensive. The quality is more important.

What do we recommend?

One of the most reliable brands in producing high quality memory cards is Sandisk. If you’re looking for the best Psp memory card 16 gb, you might want to get their Sandisk 16GB M2 Memory Stick Micro. This memory stick can read 10 mb per second and write 3mb per second. The best thing about this memory card is its flexibility. It can also be used in some mobile phones like the Sony Ericsson.

Features & Benefits

  • Reputable manufacturer (SanDisk)
  • Price is half the cost of the identical Sony branded memory card
  • 16GB of memory space, enough for games and videos
  • Plenty of satisfied customer
  • Can be easily removed because of its controlled ejection design


What are customers saying?

Customers are satisfied with this memory card and gave many positive reviews.

Here’s what some customers had to say about this psp memory card:

E. Torices “E-dubs” says: “Excellent alternative to official Sony card. I purchased this card with the intention to use it with my PSP Go. Since the Go already has 16gb of internal memory this basically doubles the memory. It works just as expected and now I can hold several games and movies on my Go. The great part is that they also sell an adapter so that you can use this on other products that use the memory stick pro duo. This is certainly a better deal than buying an official Sony branded M2; it’s the same quality for a fraction of the price.”

Facelord says: “Cheapest PSP memory available. If you own a PSP or a PSP Go do yourself a favor and get this thing, it’s the best memory option on the market for PSP systems.”

J. O’neill says: “Great for PSP-3001. It seems like the 1gb and 2gb sticks that sony came out with aren’t big enough for anything. I’m glad I found this baby and used an adapter. Works great together. You will be saving money and feeling smart about it. :-)

Brandon L. Anderson “Sub Noize Soulja 4 Life” says: “Love it! This m2 card is great. I bought it for my psp and it worked no problem and I got it for half of what they want for a “Sony PSP” 8 GB M2 card. If you’re looking to expand your storage on anything that takes this size card, including the psp go, I highly suggest you go with this.”

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You can get this memory card for around $30. The Sony branded 16GB memory card costs over double that!.

Where to buy this PSP memory card

The best place to buy the Sandisk 16GB M2 Memory Stick Micro is Amazon. They are one of the safest and most trusted online retailers. They also have the best prices around. Click here to go to Amazon.

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